Sunday, March 26, 2017

SkunkWarp! Bud Review of a Pungent Sativa from Stash Club

SkunkWarp from StashClub $120 an OZ
Today's review is SkunkWarp from StashClub. I have had the pleasure of ordering through StashClub a few times. Every time the process has been pain-free with my herbs showing up in a few days' time. Having ordered hash and a few of their cannabis strains that were on sale, I have to say that I am quite content with my purchases. I missed the opportunity to review the Texada TimeWarp that they had available. I bought it,  smoked it and didn't do a review. (Bad me.) The Texada was great to smoke, it had some citrus notes, but SkunkWarp outdoes its parent there.

Getting down to genetics; which two strain were paired off to create this magnificent beast? On their site, StashClub says this: This Sativa is a blend of the infamous Skunk with the classic outdoor island strain Timewarp. Grown on BC’s sunshine coast, these plants grew tall in the sunshine and produced large dense buds, laden with orange hairs.  These versatile buds are best shared with friends and great for rolling up phatty’s or for sharing among friends. Breaking up one of the buds unleashes a nice scent of lemon, lime, carried with hints of earthy skunk and pine needles.

Magnificent beast of a bud.
When I decided to empty out the oz for pics, the citrus/skunk smell was so overpowering, it took over the room in an instant. I took the few pics I needed, and quickly stuffed the buds back in the bag. I didn't want to stink up the house that bad. I can't say it was Skunk I was smelling, I took in notes of citrus fuel oil, forest floor and sweetness.

I will be honest here. I love stinky pot. So after opening up this ounce, I headed outside to burn a few bowls in Two-Pinch. The buds from the bag were tight and dense. Breaking them up with my fingers revealed pristine resin glands that glitter like little jewels. I brought out my trusty green buster and milled enough herb for three or four bowls. Flame to bowl, the citrus taste came full through the dank smoke and lasted quite long into my session. The herb burned to a nice white ash, and when it was done, I packed myself another. Each bowl was just as good as the first, plenty of flavour and buzz to be enjoyed though and through.  The smooth smoke was strong smelling as to be expected. I stayed outside a bit longer as not to carry the smell back into the house. Dominant citrus followed by a skunky aftertaste. The amazing flavour makes me wonder if "outdoor" grown is in some ways "stronger" herb because of being exposed to nature. Would that ramp up terpene production?
Lemon fuel smell was overpowering the room!

Exercise is a necessary evil and my doctor has recommended that I get out and walk more. Why not walk and fly? So I got my gear together and my rear out the door. After walking to a nice quiet spot, I pulled out my Zeus Smite and had myself a nice outdoor session.

The terpenes that this hybrid exudes defies my imagination. Taking a pull, I got a full taste of SkunkWarp and I hadn't even powered up The Smite. As the chamber warmed up, I was hit with an immediate lemon fuel smell and a strong taste of the same. Breathing out through my nose, the pungent notes turned to nose ticklers. The heating cycle continued and the vapour turned thick and silky. Here I could taste a little bit of everything, pine, lemon, lime, forest floor...

What is "forest floor?" If you have ever gone for a walk in the forest, slipped and landed a faceplant and come up spitting out dirt and pine needles, that's what forest floor is. It's a mix of all that nature, right on the ground. Breathing it in, it will fill you with amazing scents. Tasting it due to faceplant, not so much. In this case, I guess I tasted memories.

Powerful medicine
Getting down to the nitty gritty of giving this stash a rating, I feel it deserves 5/5 for bag appeal and 5/5 for taste and effect. StashClub packed it in the seemingly industry standard, heat sealed ziplock bags. The buds look nice and well manicured, and they have been properly cured. The taste was powerful. Intensely lemon-lime with other sweet pungent scents make this a quality choice for a bargain.

SkunkWarp grabs you by your senses and pulls you into a deep introspective thought. I had to fight its' seductive pull on my imagination and focus on writing and working. This can be a good Sativa for getting things done, as you can put your body in auto-pilot and do routine household chores. The buzz is deep and satisfying. The wild citrus smell and taste may be too much for some, but it is a strain that Sativa lovers should try.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Redemption! Orange Kush Bud Review from Cannabis Chronic

Last of the stash! $160/oz
To recap what happened. A few posts ago I did a review on Pineapple Express from Cannabis Chronic. It was disappointing and I stated that I would not buy from them until that batch was done and gone. I feel it important to also bring out my other purchase, Orange Kush, because here their cannabis was much better.

Orange Kush is a hybrid, created by the cannabis growers Green Devil Genetics. By combing the genetics of Orange Bud and OG Kush, the result was a tasty and sweet cannabis strain. Known to uplift moods and calm anxiety, this bud is pest and mold resistant, giving the growers something else to smile about. Sweet, citrusy Orange Creamsicle flavours, perfect for hot summer days, but a damn fine choice to toke on the waning days of winter.

A day or two before my order can in, a buddy of mine invited me over to have a few tokes of Orange Kush shatter. This session gave me a bit of an idea of what to expect when I had the bud. I was immediately impressed by the awesome orange ice cream flavour and just how mild this strain was. The shatter buzz was quick and delightful. If I had a "Relax" button, this shatter found it. The walk home was windy and chilly, but I was grinning and rubbing my hands in anticipation for the actual bud.
Very orange. Loaded with pistils and resin glands

After I picked up my parcel, I smoked Orange Kush pretty heavily until I figured I had best set the bag aside and leave myself a few budlets to review. High tolerance and all... but sometimes I am a glutton, smoking because I like to smoke pot. Having Fibro does means I toke a lot. If I had to guess, my consumption is three times as much as it used to be. More, more often and with longer sessions. A few years ago I would only smoke three bowls after work in the evening. But with the fibromyalgia sending all manner of pain signals, all the time, my consumption increased to deal with the fibro pain. I have said many times that I should switch over to vaping and leave smoking behind. Considering the amount that I consume, I think I will have to make that switch sooner than later. My only beef with dry herb vaporizers is that they always need to be recharged when you are needing a hoot.
Here are the last few nugs I set aside for the occasion.

My bud review session for Orange Kush was another one that I had been looking forward to doing. Even after sitting in the bag for over a week, it would still cling to itself in the buster. Cracking open the buster and inhaling the smell of freshly milled Orange Kush, I could tease out sweet and earthy notes. Making sure The Zeus Smite was fully charged, I began my session.

As The Smite warmed up, I began pulling tokes so I could get that first taste of vaped terpenes. It doesn't take long for the Smite to reach the vape temperature, and the flavour burst forth by the fourth pull. It still boggles my mind that A Kush strain can actually taste like Orange Creamsicle. The Kush notes are in there, but not as strong as other strains, but the orange flavour lingers in the nose. As I finished the chamber, my mood had improved to a lighter, calmer mindset.

On the heels of the still warm first chamber, I packed another and sat back to feel the buzz slowly take over my anxious mind. With the cold wind snapping in the air, I hunkered down on the deck and toked away. The warm tasty vapour was easy and felt pleasant in the lungs. My mind wandered, no longer focusing on the winter chill, but the warmth and peace establishing in my conscious. I smiled as the Orange Kush did its job, so well and so efficiently.

After a pause, I came back to pack and toke the third chamber. The busy family life happening around me is a comfort of its own. The solitude that I experienced in Edmonton was horrible and very lonely. Even as a guest and friend this is an improvement over being alone for days on end. This is a far cry from the rockstar lifestyle I had imagined I would have when I was a teenager. Life gives what it does and you have to flow with it. As I took long deep hits from the Smite, I reflected that smoking and toking awesome strains of cannabis is still pretty damn rockstar. By the end of the third chamber, my muscles had relaxed, my mind was free from worry, and everything was all right in my world for another little while.

Now to rate this strain: Orange citrus notes are very present in this strain, but the lovely Kush notes refused to be dismissed. The overall taste was sweet and inviting, making it easy to overindulge. The effect is typical for an Indica, it will make you nice and sleepy once the buzz has tapered off. I also want to say it has been good to re-visit these buds. Almost like returning to a quiet meadow to sit and wonder, inhale nature (mind the mosquitoes), and exhale the tension. During this review, my mind swirled with kind and peaceful thoughts, nudging away the anxiety, bringing in light, and the gift of a good nights' rest. This batch of Orange Kush is well worth 5/5 for looks, and 5/5 for effect and buzz. I would definitely buy this again.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Surprise! Here's some Island Sweet Skunk for you - OBCW

ISS: A star on the stage
Right on the heels of the bit of so-so Pineapple Express, I received three ounces from a different dispensary. I had made plans in my mind to write up about Satori, Purple OG#18 and even King Tut! When the package came in, I tore into it with sense of holiday glee and pulled out three long strips of vacuum sealed cannabis. I blinked at what I just pulled out. My heart sank as I looked at each ounce vacuum packed, beef jerky flat. I shook my head in disbelief, this was a first. When I showed the packages to to my roommates, their eyebrows raised as well. The Satori and King Tut would be smokable, but the Purple OG#18 wasn't fully cured. As I placed it into a new bag, it fogged up with moisture. Scratch that, I thought and tossed the ounce into my Zeus Temple, along with the ounce of shake I also received from OBCW.

Which brings us to reviewing Island Sweet Skunk today, instead of any of the aforementioned strains that looked like a steamroller had packed them. In my most recent purchase from OBCW they included two freebie samples in my parcel. Being a regular customer certainly has its benefits. After doing a bit of "eeny, miney, moe", I picked ISS.  This hefty 2.1 gram sample of Island Sweet Skunk blew me away. This herb is "candy store weed", it has such a delightful sweet smell, I didn't even notice the skunk.

Hefty freebie
When I was a novice toker, I was a regular at the Cannabis Culture Forum. It was there that I soaked up as much knowledge I could, to have my own little "in the closet" indoor grow. It was here and only here that I heard the strain "Island Sweet Skunk". Ten years ago, coming across primo weed like that would have been finding a needle in a haystack. Being in a small town, we never had a clue what strain we were smoking. It was all known as "pot". Except that "kick-yo-ass" Kush that came in a can.

With having "Skunk" in the name, I was prepared to have my snoot tickled with high skunky notes. I even went so far as to leave it outside so it could "chill out"; no way was I going to pop open that baggie inside the house. Sniffing that bud outdoors was a surprise. There was no scent of pine (I was expecting pine), and the skunk smell was there but now down to a dull roar. What I found prominent were the delicious fruit-smelling terpenes and a true sweetness. It was appealing, so much so I wanted to stuff it in my pipe and toke away. Needing to be a stickler for the process, I brought out my Zeus Smite instead, and busted up some ISS in my trusty green grinder.

Smite; introduce yourself to Island Sweet Skunk. GENTLY!
My plan was to toke three chambers back to back, but as luck would have it, The Smite needed to be recharged. Fast Fingers saved the day by rolling up a blaze-worthy doober out of the smaller of the two buds. Cannabis doesn't care how you toke it. It just wants to sooth your nerves and brighten your day. So we shared that tasty joint and chilled out after a long day of life.  Now lit and burning, ISS gave off a notable skunky pot scent along with sweet fruit taste. Even in a joint, this herb is dreamy and fills me full of sunshine. The tokes were flavourful and quite soft - barely a throat hit. A full-on Sativa buzz hit me soon after. The sunshine in my mind cascaded down throughout my body, leaving me with a lovely sense of warmth and comfort. Calm relaxation soothed my stiff shoulders and neck, letting me turn my attention to solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

But where did this wonder weed come from?

Originally created by Federation Seed Company in Canada, Island Sweet Skunk is a very pure sativa. Sweet-smelling and intoxicating skunky notes will fill your body and mind with a wonderful energetic buzz. ISS is a Vancouver original, and has many hardcore fans across Canada. Upon opening your baggie, your nose will be delighted with strong and pleasing smells of  sweet fruit, skunk and even a bit of diesel. There are some variations of this strain that will have a higher CBD content that users will find helps with some nerve pain and anxiety. Island Sweet Skunk, also called Sweet Island Skunk, is a sativa strain that grows tall with lots of bud. The plant will flower after 7 to 8 weeks, giving high yields that make growers and tokers alike grin with glee
Packed with trichomes and pistils

Currently, I can't do any shatter reviews until I get a new atomizer for concentrates up and working, or just buy a replacement for the Zeus Thunder. Both of my "dabbers" are no longer of "borked" status, but rather fully "broken". As fate would have it, they both died on the same day; I fear I cleaned them a bit too hard.

The Zeus Smite is still going strong, and I am grateful that it's still vaping and roasting bud to perfection. In  happier news, a recent online purchase brought me a silicon bong with a glass downstem and bowl. At 14 mm, this allows the Zeus Smite silicon mouthpiece to fit snugly into the downstem.

Vaping the last of Island Sweet Skunk through this waterpipe was an amazing treat. It has already earned itself the name of "Jiggly Bong", (pics coming in next article), due to the way it will jiggle in your hand as you pull in your hoots. The combination of Smite and Jiggly Bong are a match made in heaven. The beginning draws are a tad weak in vapour until the Smite warms up, and then the amazing flavours fill your senses. This ending was a perfect way to finish off that bud. The vapour was cooled off and tasted fresh, the full impact of the melody of terpenes remained present, tapering off to that roasted cannabis taste.

Island Sweet Skunk is on the higher price range on OBCW's menu, but will not disappoint. If anything this batch is a superlative effort to create a desirable, pleasureful product that will keep you thinking about it like a lover of times past. Having smoked, toked and vaped this herb in all ways available to me, I have to give it 5/5 for look and taste and again a 5/5 for effect. After a session with this herb I have little to no noticeable fibro pain and I feel like hugging everybody, especially the fridge.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Checking out Pineapple Express -A Sativa for the Sunrise.

"Did you just hoover that joint? I just rolled it!", she exclaimed in disbelief.

As I roached it, I looked at Fast Fingers with a bit of guilt. A few moments earlier she rolled a joint for me, filled with Pineapple Express, to which I smeared some Pineapple THC distillate over the first half. She then rolled a joint for herself and packed a bowl for her Luvvy. With a flurry of jackets and toques, everybody suited up to deal with the cold snap, and go outside. But as couples do, Fast Fingers and her man stopped to discuss something, so I headed outside.
Love the smell of Pineapple Express in the morning

I waited. I really did.

It was frickin' cold and I needed to stay warm.

They came outside just as I took my last toke.

The combination of herb and distillate made for a palatable smoke. The distillate added a wonderful kick to the buzz. It smoked so nicely tasting those lovely tropical notes in -30C. I huffed and puffed and it straight up disappeared before they stepped outside. Clearly not my fault.

But this would be the last bit I would smoke from this ounce. Before I go into why let's have a look at the parentage and traits of this hybrid.

The name "Pineapple Express" is actually a meteorological term for a strong tropical rain-laden atmospheric river. The cannabis strain Pineapple Express has the parentage of the well loved cannabis strains; Trainwreck and Hawaiian. This hybrid has strong sweet fruity notes with hints of cedar and pine. This energetic Sativa-dominant hybrid will provide a long and powerful buzz ideal for busy mornings and creativity. The plant will exhibit both Indica and Sativa traits as it grows leaves and forms large, thick and lumpy buds. Little is known of Pineapple Express prior to the 2008 movie of the same name.

As a Freelance Writer, I spend a lot of time sitting. A Sativa is handy to have as I need to be imaginative, awake and still be able to cope with my fibromyalgia. With fibro, every day feels like a bad flu day. Muscle pains and deep aches are 24/7. On bad days, the pain is cranked up and all I can do is rest and wait for the pain to back to normal levels. Those days are definitely Indica heavy. Sativas, even hybrids with Sativa effect, are prized and are sometimes expensive to come by. I like to have as many sources as possible, it gives me flexibility with my budget. On a normal day, a good Sativa keeps me going as much as my frequent cup of coffee.
This is a hit!

In my quest to find dispensaries and review their herbs, I found Cannabis Chronic on Weedmaps. Scoping out what they had to offer I headed towards their bargains. They had two strains that were easy on the pocketbook, and to my surprise, Pineapple Express was one of them. Having recently watched the 2008 movie, I told them "Take my money!", and went about my business.

Then the next morning I tripped balls because the e-mail receipt said PRE-ORDER. Times are tight, and I can't wait for that pre-order to be released three weeks from the day I ordered it. My order also held a second ounce containing Orange Kush, if I didn't get my herbs within a few days, I would be hurting.

As per my usual modus operandi, I sent off a flock of panicked messages hoping to get my money sent back. Panicking never does anything, it's a waste of nervous energy, but at that moment I was "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Eventually that day, they emailed me back and said that it had been sent and I could find my tracking number on my customer profile page.

So it wasn't too long after this ounce showed up in my parcel delivery and I was drooling all the way home. I headed outside and tore open this sealed ounce. I inhaled deeply and let my senses be filled with the thick sweet scent of Pineapple Express.

If you are gonna sniff God's vagina, you better breathe deep.

This freshly opened bag proved to be beautiful and rich-smelling. Getting a nice close look at a bud blew me away with just how it was packed with tricomes.


After a closer inspection of the bagged product, it turned out to be hit and miss. There were about ten buds or so out of the ounce that disappointed, with weird yellow patches, or even back and brown in some spots. The rest of the other buds were big and beautiful. I selected the keepers and put away the nasties for pics later.
This is a miss. :(

I selected Two-Pinch for my initial toking tool. My buster is once again all coated up with grinder hash, making it a hard go to bust up the three buds I crammed in there, but some tough love I got 'er done. When I dumped it out... POW! Straight to the senses, what a wake up. Pineapple Express is pungent, sweet and fruity rolled in one. Really quite a noticeable difference in odor than the more recent strains I have been toking. After burning through two bowls from my pipe, I had a daydreamy buzz where I tossed these words around in my mind that would eventually solidify into this article.

Not long after I jotted down some notes and phrases, I went back to the cold outside to do a three chamber vape with my Zeus Smite. Each time that buzz grew, I felt a warm calm settle over me. I still had a bit of stubborn fibro pain in my hip; a deep hot ache was reduced to a sore and tight sensation. The creative effect tickled my mind with imaginings and pulled my focus away from the pain. It felt great to be stoned and Pineapple Express kept rewarding me with energy and creativity.

The good was amazingly tasty!
Now boiling it all down, I can't lie. A bit of me died when I saw those sorry buds. Maybe buying weed is now become like buying strawberries at the supermarket. Hit and miss. With that said, it earns a 0/10 for bag appeal. I have had better quality cannabis sent to me for the very same price point of $160.00. This the first time I have to give a batch a zero. The buds that were smokable were amazing in taste, nice and exotic. The buzz was utterly fantastic too. In those aspects, the good buds are well worth a solid 4/5. But I wouldn't buy this again from Cannabis Chronic until I know that this batch is gone.

But I learned something from all this. Sometimes you need to see or experience something so you may gain a newfound appreciation of what you have.


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Many thanks. -Neal

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happily Baked by Northern Lights from Ganja Express

Northern Lights is a well-known strain that came about in the1980's. When I was getting my cannabis from a Licensed producer, I did see that particular strain available but it was usually priced out of my reach. As I usually haunt the online dispensaries on a daily basis, when I saw that Ganja Express had Northern Lights available for a very reasonable $170 an OZ, I grabbed it along with some Kosher Kush.
My parcel took an extra day or so to get here. This is normal for GE as they are always "balls to the wall" busy. That is the reality for any serious Cannabis Dispensary in Canada. We Canucks really do love our pot, the supply and demand prove that. Ganja Express came through as they always do, but sadly did not include their "free sample of the week" for that order. This is also probably due to the fact that Canadians love our pot and dispensaries are busy places.

Looking into the background of Northern lights I learned something new. I was mistakenly under impression that this was a Canadian-bred strain. The truth about Northern Lights is this:
Northern Lights is very well known if not one of the most famous strains known to tokerkind, a 100% Indica loved for its sticky buds, quick to flower and overall hardiness. Northern Lights has a parentage of native Afghani and Thai landrace strains, Cannabis breeders have used Northern Lights to produce hybrids like Hash Plant, Shiva Skunk and Jack Frost. It has been said that Northern Lights emerged from the soil of Seattle, Washington. After that, sometime after 1985, Northen Lights sequestered to Holland by the group now known as Sensi Seeds. For anyone who has yet to smoke Nothern Lights are in for a treat. The buds are aromatic and packed with crystals, its appeal has won it so many awards, it was retired to make way for new competitors. Much praised for its dreamy psychoactive effects, Northern Lights taste is second to none. Pungent and earthy, it also retains a sweet pine aroma that settles the nerves, calms aches and pains. Expect to find yourself comfortable and amused by life little troubles. Several different Northern Lights phenotypes are available on the worldwide cannabis seed markets.
So pretty!

Vaping feels good again. It's good to switch up the tool every once in a while. There is a pang of guilt as I pipe in "dirty" smoke, but as I mentioned before, it's a habit that will be with me for a long time yet. I happen to enjoy the act of smoking cannabis. The best thing about vaping is the intense flavour from the terpenes as my Zeus Smite is warming up. Another plus is the throat hit. Cooler vapour makes for less throat irritation. All of these things and I am still willing to take a big ol' dirty bong rip and cough a lung out.

So I grabbed a few buds from that OZ, and ran them through my buster. There was a definite bouquet of earth, musky pine, and even a bit of orange. I did go back to my usual three-chamber test and here it was just excellence emerging forth. Chamber after chamber I was rewarded with exceptional taste and buzz. Clouds of vapour were pulled from the herb, and the Smite baked some sunshine into my mind. I popped back inside to warm up my fingers and I could feel the warmth of the Indica buzz ease away my fibromyalgia pains.

Micro-dose after micro-done makes for a full bowl
As pipes go, Two-Pinch is still here. Not fond of it, but it's a pipe and it does what I need it to do. It is solid enough that it may take awhile before I have to buy a new one, being glass it is inevitable. So after jotting down some notes about the previous session, I made a plan to burn up a bowl in Two-Pinch.  I have heard of micro-dosing and I am in favour of it too. I micro-dose as well... just lots in a row. Seriously, tho. I have a high tolerance and I want to keep it that way for my own reasons.

After stepping outside, I had a quick 3 to 5-minute power hoover session. I am amazed at the white ash that comes with the end of the bowl. Ganja Express does have fine cannabis for decent prices, I cannot argue that point. The throat hit for this quick sesh burned a bit more than what I wanted, but it was one hell of a great taste even in this pipe. Very earthy aroma, sweet and pine. Awesome refreshed Indica buzz. I stayed outside for a wee bit longer, letting the cool winter air fill my lungs and listened to the noises of town life. Cannabis makes it so easy to appreciate the small details that would otherwise be missed. Meditation is the act of bringing the mind home.

Not my fingers, obviously.
Since I moved back to my hometown and my close friends took me in, I have had access to some of the fastest joint-rolling fingers in the Lakeland. My friend will roll joints on reflex. She sees weed in a pile, she rolls it up. Personally,  I can't roll anything but big ol' cannons, and pot is spilled everywhere in the process. She is a pro at rolling joints because that is all she ever smokes. This is one element that has been missing from my reviews. I smoke pretty much everything but joints. Smoking a joint is a classic experience and a time-honored method of consuming cannabis. Northern Lights rolled really well. The bud was sticky and clumped nicely. Stuff stuff, roll roll lick, twist and voila! I managed to snap four pictures of the joint rolling action, but this was the best in the blur of hands. taking this doober outside and toking it was great. It didn't run and again Northern Lights burned to a perfect white ash. As we took tokes from the joint it offered a smooth hit and plenty of flavour. Everyone in the group commented on what an amazing flavour it had. As the joint was passed around, lots of cannabinoid oils soaked into the Zig Zag, making it a right stinky and sticky roach. Then we lit another, because as an acquaintance once said; "You can't fly with just one wing."

Truthfully, I am thrilled that I can cross such a big name from my "Gotta Smoke 'em All" list. This batch of Northern Lights was a crowd pleaser, my circle of friends agree that this bit of bud knocked them on their butts into couchlock mode. I also advise having munchies on hand. My final rating is an overall 5/5. The taste, smell and smoke from this herb will brighten your day or make your night. Just be prepared for a longer delivery than other dispensaries.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Strain Review of Beavers' Breeze, AKA Texada Seaweed/Timewarp

Checking out what BeaverBuds has to offer
This review is waaaay overdue.

Some time back, I ordered an ounce of Beaver's Breeze from Beaver Buds. An ounce of a BC Classic outdoor Sativa for $140 was quite appealing for my wallet, so I snagged a bag. I wasn't let down, plenty of good times come from it.

When I emailed the crew at BeaverBuds for more information for this strain, they happily told me it was a "Texada Seaweed". In my Google searches, I haven't found a strain that is called that... except in other Canadian online dispensaries as Seaweed or even C-Weed. What I did see mixed in the search results was Texada "Timewarp".

I am thinking, (and I could be totally wrong here), that Timewarp and Seaweed are one and the same. That said, there are several versions out there, the original Timewarp being available in clone only. On a forum named Cannabis-World, I found this bit of info: The original TimeWarp was a three-leaf beast that was bred for hardiness. Perfect for first-time growers because it can be grown with minimal supervision. Within the same forum thread, I found an outdated quote from Wikipedia that helped shed some light on the subject.

Texada Timewarp is a strain of marijuana grown on Texada Island, located right off the coast of Powell River, British Columbia, Canada. It is highly popular in that area, and is even well known worldwide[citation needed]. It is a 70% Sativa and 30% indica. It is grown outdoors and is bred to be hardy and low maintenance and grows fast producing piney fruity tasting buds. A common description of the high achieved from Texada Timewarp is "where time stops existing, thought has no meaning and everything takes on a new edge."[citation needed] Historically Texada Timewarp has only been available to horticulturalists from clones. Some seed banks claim to carry its seeds, however, many Timewarp enthusiasts are weary to their claims.

THC Snow, left; Beaver's Breeze, $140 an OZ, on the right
That's all I could really come up with its history. It may warrant a further search, but for now, let's discuss smoking and toking this herb.

When I opened up the parcel, I was thinking that this bag wasn't very full. It appeared to be a least a few nugs short. After opening up the vacuum-sealed bag and examining a few of them, did I understand why it looked like it was underweight; the nugs were big, heavy, dense, dark and ugly. In the image across I have the THC Snow cola set beside the Texada Timewarp so you can appreciate the color difference. The look of the buds themselves was less than pretty. Some of them were crushed and flattened, but the smell was a tantalizing citrus and pine. Busting up this smelly Sativa by hand required some force; the stems were quite tough. Very much what you would expect from an outdoor Sativa. Amazingly fragrant, I busted it up in my grinder and released an odor of pungent pot. The smell alone relaxed me knowing that this would be a fine bit of bud. I was not wrong.
New pipe. Named it "Two-Pinch".  Beaver's Breeze busted up.

My pipe "The Hammer" sadly has met its end. I am now acquainted with a new glass pipe, which is nothing fancy, and I am not 100% keen on its bowl shape either. But it will do until I find a better pipe. I burned through two bowls to break it in and I was hit with a creeper buzz ten minutes later. There I was, standing like a tree in the kitchen, just minding my own business, contemplating this article. Everyone else was moving around me, doing usual busy kitchen stuff. As my hosts are 420 friendly, they didn't have too much of a problem with me zoning out, even in their bustling kitchen. Upon realizing that I was indeed stoned, I made my exit downstairs to my computer.

Vaping Beavers Breeze is a very strong citrus sensation and a good buzz to go with it. However, I will say that I enjoyed smoking this strain more than vaping it. I definitely found more flavour in smoking this strong tasting cannabis. The first hoot of the day always hits the hardest, no matter the strain. Beaver's Breeze is an interesting way to greet the morning. One bowl set me on my way to go about my daily routine with a sweet buzz. My fibromyalgia pain is pushed aside and my anxieties ebb away. Keeping myself busy is a good way to keep my anxious mind from over thinking. The Sativa let me be alert enough to stay busy on task while writing. After a few hours of writing and researching, my mind does feel foggy and a power nap helps to refresh mind and body. After a deep hour-long nap, it is hard to remove myself from my bed and get on my feet. I do not feel lethargic or drowsy, I feel "one with my bed" more than anything. Just too damn comfy to want to move.

Here is my verdict for this Sativa. Beaver's Breeze has a very relaxing effect. Pain fades away and there's enough uplift to stay focused on chores and work. It may look a bit different from the AAAA strains, it's dark, dank and heavy. Dropping a bud, you will hear "thunk" as it hits the table. These Beaver's Breeze nugs are heavy, large and dense. They are not pretty, but what a fine bit of smoke!  Beaver's Breeze is very potent for the price. The buds are dense with stickiness and do not fall out of the buster easily. While I didn't enjoy it in a vape Beaver's Breeze is very pleasing to smoke in a joint or in a pipe. I would definitely buy this product again, even if the buds were not perfect looking. It earns 3/5 for looks but is a 5/5 for buzz and effect.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Review of an Uplifting Sativa, Jack Frost

At the request of a friend, I picked up an ounce of Jack Frost. She had read up on it and its' powerhouse lineage and was smitten by it. Knowing that OBCW did have some available, I made my order on Friday and it arrived on Monday. The reliable and friendly staff at OBCW were attentive to an issue that arose and it was quickly resolved. My parcel came in without any trouble at all. Should curious minds' inquire; it was my own impatience that had caused the issue.
Bigger than you figure!

Maybe I was impatient because it's a bit like Christmas. Getting goodies through mail feels pretty fantastic to me... opening up all those layers of wrap, finally getting to unzip that ounce and take a deep breath. I get a bit antsy and giddy with anticipation and this time was no different.

The smell of Jack Frost made my mouth water before I even had toked it. The odour smelled a bit like Alberta bush; musky, sweet and dense. The flavours I noted during my vape session were strong on the terpenes and mellowed nicely towards the end of each of the three chambers, no harsh tastes, no chlorophyll. Just nice clean, well-cured cannabis from British Colombia. This time around, the test was much a test of my endurance to cold as to review Jack Frost. While I may have frozen my fingertips in the -20C, I managed to have the pleasure of vaping three chambers of Jack Frost back to back. The buzz from that session was like getting hit with a frying pan. It left me stunned. Any pain from my Fibromyalgia was forgotten. Initially, it was hard to focus on a particular train of thought, my mind was a happy jumble of pleasantness. When I did get over that initial impact, creativity set in and I was able to focus a bit more on my writing.
Jack Frost. AAA Sativa bud at $200 an oz

Later that day, I sat down for a pipe session. After toking two pipe bowls, (RIP The Hammer), I was left in another dazed state, immersed in creative thought. Not sure how long I had let my mind drift as I contemplated a writing project I have on hand. But my mind wandered across worlds and realms before landing back into reality. As my old hippie friend/dealer Cliff would say, "I went for a trip, and I didn't even leave my chair!" Jack Frost is an ass-kicker for my imagination.

The taste I experienced with Jack Frost was fantastic. It is an earthy and smooth smoke and toking it really brought out those terpenes. The initial tokes off of my Zeus Smite had the biggest rush of flavour, eventually mellowing out to a nice toasted taste. This batch of Jack Frost shows the dedication the growers have. The buds are all good looking and full of tricombs, and after running it through my trusty bud buster shows just how much can come off from just a few buds. The curing is also well-done, great flavour and smooth smoke, easy on the throat.
Getting ready to vape three chambers back to back.

So summing up the effect; for me, the mind is energized, but getting the body to channel the energy to write or anywhere else may take some practice. It's so easy to relax and chill out to some soft music...  and let the mind wander up... down... and away...
The fibro pain is also diminished and I could fall asleep if I really wanted to. But I can push myself out of the couchlock with a bit of a mental prodding. I am happy to mention that sleep does happen! Heavy and restful, deep and peaceful.

In the beginning, I found the price a bit high, but Sativas are often found within a higher price point because of their qualities. Jack Frost gave me an incredible gift of imaginative thought and a deep sleep. This batch is indeed worth its price. I rate it a full 5/5