Monday, February 6, 2017

Review of an Uplifting Sativa, Jack Frost

At the request of a friend, I picked up an ounce of Jack Frost. She had read up on it and its' powerhouse lineage and was smitten by it. Knowing that OBCW did have some available, I made my order on Friday and it arrived on Monday. The reliable and friendly staff at OBCW were attentive to an issue that arose and it was quickly resolved. My parcel came in without any trouble at all. Should curious minds' inquire; it was my own impatience that had caused the issue.
Bigger than you figure!

Maybe I was impatient because it's a bit like Christmas. Getting goodies through mail feels pretty fantastic to me... opening up all those layers of wrap, finally getting to unzip that ounce and take a deep breath. I get a bit antsy and giddy with anticipation and this time was no different.

The smell of Jack Frost made my mouth water before I even had toked it. The odour smelled a bit like Alberta bush; musky, sweet and dense. The flavours I noted during my vape session were strong on the terpenes and mellowed nicely towards the end of each of the three chambers, no harsh tastes, no chlorophyll. Just nice clean, well-cured cannabis from British Colombia. This time around, the test was much a test of my endurance to cold as to review Jack Frost. While I may have frozen my fingertips in the -20C, I managed to have the pleasure of vaping three chambers of Jack Frost back to back. The buzz from that session was like getting hit with a frying pan. It left me stunned. Any pain from my Fibromyalgia was forgotten. Initially, it was hard to focus on a particular train of thought, my mind was a happy jumble of pleasantness. When I did get over that initial impact, creativity set in and I was able to focus a bit more on my writing.
Jack Frost. AAA Sativa bud at $200 an oz

Later that day, I sat down for a pipe session. After toking two pipe bowls, (RIP The Hammer), I was left in another dazed state, immersed in creative thought. Not sure how long I had let my mind drift as I contemplated a writing project I have on hand. But my mind wandered across worlds and realms before landing back into reality. As my old hippie friend/dealer Cliff would say, "I went for a trip, and I didn't even leave my chair!" Jack Frost is an ass-kicker for my imagination.

The taste I experienced with Jack Frost was fantastic. It is an earthy and smooth smoke and toking it really brought out those terpenes. The initial tokes off of my Zeus Smite had the biggest rush of flavour, eventually mellowing out to a nice toasted taste. This batch of Jack Frost shows the dedication the growers have. The buds are all good looking and full of tricombs, and after running it through my trusty bud buster shows just how much can come off from just a few buds. The curing is also well-done, great flavour and smooth smoke, easy on the throat.
Getting ready to vape three chambers back to back.

So summing up the effect; for me, the mind is energized, but getting the body to channel the energy to write or anywhere else may take some practice. It's so easy to relax and chill out to some soft music...  and let the mind wander up... down... and away...
The fibro pain is also diminished and I could fall asleep if I really wanted to. But I can push myself out of the couchlock with a bit of a mental prodding. I am happy to mention that sleep does happen! Heavy and restful, deep and peaceful.

In the beginning, I found the price a bit high, but Sativas are often found within a higher price point because of their qualities. Jack Frost gave me an incredible gift of imaginative thought and a deep sleep. This batch is indeed worth its price. I rate it a full 5/5

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Zeus Temple. An OZ of Shake. Keif Galore

When I first saw the temple though it was a handy box to have another addition to my Zeus Armory. But it really is more than just a nice looking storage container. While vaping bud, moisture is best kept to a minimum. The Zeus temple is crafted from mahogany and is designed to strip your bud of its water content.
One ounce of Indica shake fits.
What got my attention was the keif screen that the main compartment has. So even before I bought The Temple, I was already making plans to gather up a bunch of "pollen" for a project making some pressed hash. That project is shelved until I have more space of my own.

The shake was provided by my trusted source, OBCW, at an amazing price of $60 an ounce. As I suspected, there was still plenty of "good" in those trimmings. After giving the bag a smell test, (very fragrant), I set about with my buster to knock off as much kief as possible. This process took quite a bit of time, and while I knew that I was going to get some kief out of the trim, the actual amount shocked me. At this point, I picked my jaw off of the floor, and offered  tokes to my 420 buddies at hand. To hell with busting out a scale. This was lots, and I felt like sharing my bounty. So we sprinkled some on a few joints, in some pipe bowls and enjoyed ourselves until we were all talking to the animals. (OK, maybe that was just me.)

Kief. I wanna sprinkle that goodness on everything.
What about the shake itself? I did give it whirl in a joint, pipe and vaporizer. My final verdict is that it did have a sharp taste of bitter green leaves, BUT! ...behind that it is packed with all the tastes of Indica strains. Very interesting taste at that. Personally, I am not a fussy person. I do my best to be practical and my thought was that this could be a reliable daily stash. I do like it a lot, yes...

But when I have some sweet-ass bud like THC Snow, I tend to pass the shake over. With that lack of self-control, I may have given rise to a new problem. I need a new Temple for my bud, as this one is full and slow getting empty.

Sweet-ass, I must say.
I wonder if my buddies would take a hint if I left a pack of rolling papers in the Temple.

Getting back to the shake; over the next few days, the Temple sucked the moisture out of the plant material. After that, I ran my buster over it again for another healthy amount of kief. These two products are a match made in heaven. The Temple makes for a good vaping experience, and the trim keeps on giving up goodness.

 The sharpness of the chlorophyll in the trim is perhaps what I don't really care for. Strangely enough, there is a process to remove that "Green Taste". It involves soaking your trim or shake in water over a series of days. Each day, the water is changed out and any water-soluble impurities are flushed out from the shake. This process is called "water-curing"; here is a YouTube video where an experienced and weed-savvy lady explains the process.

With most of the moisture already sucked out of this batch of shake, I am reluctant to put any back in. Given the price that I can buy it, I am willing to try this out and see how much it can actually do to improve on the green taste. The smell is amazing as it stands, if I do go through with this project, I hope the pungent, multi-strain fragrance will remain.

My rating for the rich-smelling Indica shake is a 5/5; being that it is shake, it does taste pretty damn good once you get past the green taste. The Kief that was harvested from this batch surprised everyone in the household. The Zeus Temple is a handy de-humidor that quickly pays for itself; it is very discreet and can hold an amazing amount of herb. 5/5

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review on Granddaddy Purple as Shatter

It's January 31 as I write this. It feels good to be back writing reviews; it just took longer to get here than what I expected. My move back to my hometown went as smoothly as it could, but I did need to spend some time in the hospital. These days find me feeling at home living with some 420 friendly/tolerant friends of mine while I wait to gather up the resources to move to my own place.

Life. It comes with all sorts of ups and downs.

So let's have a look at some of the things that are in the "up" category. shall we?
Granddaddy Purple Shatter from OBCW

Today's review is about Granddaddy Purple as a shatter. So far my experience with shatter have been decent. From my own observations, there are less terpenes in shatter than in budder, and this is where GDP blew my mind. Having sourced this shatter from OBCW and having paid a bit more than the Sour Diesel shatter, I knew there would be a bit of an improvement in taste.

With my Don Vapor dab rig out of commission until I get a new atomizer, I happily used my new Zeus Thunder 2 from TVape. This is a new wax pen from Zeus Armory, and is an improved design on the previous Thunder. Once I had the vape pen properly broken in, (I did use a less tasty shatter of an unknown strain), I was impressed at how well it works. This combo of Zeus Thunder and Granddaddy Purple Shatter was POW! to the taste-buds.

Why the difference? This four minute YouTube clip breaks it down. 

A fat glob makes me feel fine!
The Zeus Thunder 2 is sleek and discreet. It is easy to load by breaking off a bit of shatter and placing it in the chamber. The ceramic plate at the bottom heats up amazingly fast. Before you know it, the cycle is done and a big cloud of sweet-and-berry tasting vapour is in your lungs. The terpenes hit the nose hard and fast on the exhale. Makes everything up front in the nose tingle  It's hard to pinpoint some flavours... very much like walking into a flower shop and getting hit with ALL the floral scents.I felt the strongest notes were Sweet, Berry, and Pine. For the amazing and strong flavours the shatter held, there has been no apparent odor all the times I have used the Zeus Thunder. During a toke session, I was asked if the Thunder had a filter. The answer is nope. Do be prepared to clean it frequently if you use it constantly though.

The effects of GDP in its concentrate form are of being lost in thought, distraction from pain, soothing sore and achy muscles. The buzz is gentle and warming, like a wise elders' embrace. Granddaddy Purple is a hybrid with Indica traits, but I found myself feeling rather creative once my anxious mind settled down. This would an excellent addition to an art session with some friends, or just to lay back and let my thoughts wander.

Building up my Zeus Armory!  
My order of two grams have diminished quickly. It just tastes too damn good to leave alone. It doesn't help any that the Zeus Thunder is easy to load and discreet to use. I have gone for a few walks around my old hometown, toking away on a fat glob and no one is the wiser. The buzz is very satisfying and relaxing, even for all-day, everyday use.

My rating for this GDP Shatter is 5/5. OBCW has not divulged if they are producing their own concentrates. Nevertheless, whoever is behind this product has done an excellent job in preserving all the terpenes that Granddaddy purple is so well re-known for. Sad to mention, but it would appear that this run of shatter is done. I do hope to see a new batch pop up soon. Not many Canadian online dispensaries can match OBCW's prices.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Master Kush: Flipped The Hammer back on me. Knockout For The Win!

Welcome back! This was a great session.

Recently, I was invited to a closed Facebook group "Do You Dab?? 420" The crowd is an amazingly friendly bunch who often live stream when they are enjoying a dab session. The group also has plenty of cannabis tokers who share pics of their rolls and bowls.

 After participating in a few chats, I set out a poll similar to the one I had on Twitter. It didn't take too long that there was was  a clear favouring for Master Kush.

Master Kush won with 5 votes out of a total of ten voters. Clear lead over the other five choices

So why is this the "Master Kush"?
Tough competition?
This is a strain that goes back farther than most people can remember. Whoever had the idea to bring the two together was definitely onto something.

The name we use for our herb and cross strains, "Kush", refers a mountainous area in India, Hindu Kush. Using Wikipedia to see where this was  located, I came across the origin of the Kush region name. A bit of a surprise: Kush means "Kill" or "Killer".

This frozen part of the world is the birthplace of two landrace Indicas. These strains were bred together to produce The "Master Kush". No one is 100% certain of the exact genetics many sources repeat pretty much the same thing: "One pure Hindu Kush strain and one pure Skunk strain."

Master vs Ancient Greek God
So I have a "Master Killer" on my hands.

Fair enough, challenged accepted.

I busted that gram and a bit without weighing it, (scales batteries died), and I huffed that skunky scent as it fell into the container. The smell coming from this was amazing! I lidded the container and got myself all set up to toke and take notes. I tapped it so the herb collected to one corner and popped open the lid.

Big deep breath...

Master Kush tingled deep in the nose, musky and strong. With all these strains of Kush the crew at picked out for me, I am becoming more tune to that particular odor and taste. It's that taste I also found in Cannabisimo's Moroccan hash.

Not sure what it was that made me decide to toke that whole baggie. But it was done within the half hour. So how did I feel after spending that short, but quality time with The Master?

I spent the next good two hours or so with a most delicious buzz. I felt great!

The Hammer!
Three chambers from The Smite were awesome, but I figured "Why the hell not?", and brought out my Hammer. Well, holy shit. What an amazing toke, plenty of flavours distinct kush like and exotic. Plenty of spice and skunkyness seeping their way into the thick grey smoke. It was only in the pipe did I really taste the citrus, it reminded me of Sprite or 7-Up.

I thought I had killed The Master Kush with a final blow with my Hammer. I misjudged a wee bit. As I packed up my stuff, I went about my business and clean forgot a paragraph I was working on in my head.

Poof. Gone. Like a fart in the wind.

Meanwhile, as I was searching in my head for those lost words, a warm comforting heaviness settled on my shoulders and lower back. The lovely Indica buzz was making its way into all corners of my aches and sore spots. There was a call to action which involved me laying down on the sofa... affirmative action for Napsville... But then...
Nice bud structure! Powerhouse of a tokable
I remembered that I had been getting ready to go pick up a parcel from the post office. Completely slipped my mind. Score a second one for The Master.

Time to go out in public then! Nap later.

The lines were pretty long at the Post Office, but I wasn't worried or stressed out. My mind was calm and peaceful; anxiety was kept to  minimum, but what about paranoia? Other than feeling a bit more self-aware, I didn't feel like I was being watched or observed. After a decade of recreational and medicinal toking, I rarely ever feel paranoid. It isn't in my power to change what people are going to think or say about me. I can only control how I choose to react in that situation. There's nothing gained by renting out mental space to your haters and their comments.

In that short 30 mins where I hoovered down that skunky gram, I was rewarded with two or so hours of calm and relief from my fibro sore spots. The vape that I pulled  from The Smite, emerged as big blue and violet clouds, very satisfying. Master Kush has an "Old School" taste. It's a bit hashy and herbal with very obvious Kush notes. This bud floored me, it exceeded my expectations. 5/5

Friday, December 16, 2016

MK Ultra Cannabis from OrganicBCWeed: Thought Provoking and Imaginative

MK Ultra. Brought to you by:
MK Ultra a stinkmeister. I won't candy-coat this; it smelled like cat-piss as soon as I had busted it up. I held up the container to my snoot, inhaled, blinked twice, looked away and said, "Phoooo!"

The more recent buds I reviewed did not slap me in the face like this. The stinkiest one I have tried so far was Moby Dick. Maybe it was I couldn't believe that it smelled like piss, I had to make sure by taking a big deep breath. My nose tingled for a few moments from the ammonia-like smell.

It's kinda contrary. But you know what I mean, you get a nice bit of stinky weed and many of our reactions are along the lines of, "Aw Hell yeah! It REEKS!" It's just not the same if the bud doesn't have proper stink to it. That said, you will not find me sniffing my cats' litter box. Cat piss was not a smell I expected to find in my herb. Behind that initial powerful odor emerged scents that were a bit more familiar and pleasing, a promising start for the day.

Disclaimer: Professional toker here, do not consume Indica strains in the mornings unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences. *snore*  
Interrogation: "Why you stink?"  "Fuck you. I was born this way."

The Smite serves me well. I have owned it for over a year, really a nice discreet machine. MK Ultra is not discreet, it has a strong sharp flavour that mellows out some, but packs interesting nuances all the way through. From a cold chamber, ammonia notes were mild. Once The Smite has warmed up for the second round, you could taste it, but not as aggressive as I has expected. Other terpenes did poke up and get noticed. Among those I could taste a lovely sweet floral. Sage was present as well, once the chamber was close to done. The vapour quality from this herb was top notch, smooth and creamy, and plentiful. I suspect vapour quantity could be from how oily MK Ultra is. Good and happy clouds all the way, can never go wrong with a second chamber either. Or third.
Smoke Trees

Effect-wise, MK Ultra is seductive. For me, the onset was a slow, creeping buzz that entered throughout my body. I felt wonderful, comfortable and cuddly. I also felt creative and imaginative, my mind wasn't concerned about aches and pains. No, my mind was content to muse and ponder old flames.

If I could choose a setting where I could toke MK Ultra once more, it would be right before a nice social gathering, like a buffet. I would feel content enough to socialize, enjoy the dinner and surroundings. With a buffet, the munchies would come in handy. It would be a nice way to spend two or so hours. Once full, I would need a sofa so I could spend time with my food baby.
Gratuitous weed porn.

MK Ultra won awards in 2003 and 04 and is a worthwhile purchase. It is a pleaser; an effective pain and stress reliever. The smell was a bit much for me, but it was everything else I could want from an Indica and I can even look past the smell. 5/5

Kudos to all the happy weed farmers in BC. These ladies and gents do know what all is involved in growing and curing. This sample of MK Ultra is a primo example of their efforts. Many thanks for all the happy thoughts, may this upcoming year bring plenty of what you need the most.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Kush of The Yohon: Lovely Stuff to Puff!

Kush of The Yohon is an experience. A good one, I am happy to tell you. The amount of vapour I pulled from the chambers of  The Smite was pleasing to my eyes. The smell from this Kush hybrid strain hit me right in the nose and the thought box. Stinky, very Kushy. The comfort level that I obtained from toking The Yohon was deep-reaching and wonderful. For this review, I puffed two chambers on Sunday and followed it up with two more chambers Monday morning. Waking and baking with an Indica may not be the most clever thing I have done. But in the end, it was a better idea to split the review over two days. Very sedative.
As per the history and lineage of this strain; there is very little to be found. It appears that OBCW are the only ones who have handled this strain. Based on what they have on their description, The Yohon is an Indica heavy hybrid derived from Master Kush, Afghani Kush and Amnesia Haze. Again, here I haven't any information as to which was crossed with which and then back-crossed.

All this mystery makes The Yohon a rare and secretive bud.

I am not entirely certain how The Yohon came about its name. The Kush part is very evident as soon as I opened the dime baggie. Pungent, but not as strong as others. It did tickle the nose with floral notes and with a hint of pepper/spice. Busting it up turned it into powder, it was bone dry after having sat for close to a month. There was plenty of kief, so I knew this should be a great trip. I already knew from the smell it would be some nice herb.
The Smite and The Yohon

Toking this bud, I was pleasantly surprised at all the flavours and notes that it contained. First I could taste Kush. Then spice/pepper, changing to some floral notes. The toking experience was one of creamy vapour, smooth on the throat and easy on the lungs. The buzz was fast acting, pushing away anxiety, and depressives thought. Pain-wise, I was very comfortable, the random sore spots from fibromyalgia, the superficial tics, itches and twitches settled down. The Yohon really does put the mind at ease, but is also has a sedative effect.

Hands down, this bud is 5/5. All around wonderful and kind. Gentleness for the mind, and easy tokes for the lungs. Nothing creeper about The Yohon. This is a plant on a mission and it's there to iron out all of your worries and concerns. This is the perfect herb for a wind down after a Day From Hell. Anybody who needs to relieve stress will get what they ask for with The Yohon. It just doesn't stop there. Once it has brought calm to the mind, the body is next. I do hope to see it back in stock soon.
Kush of The Yohon close-up. Keif galore

Friday, December 9, 2016

Bud Review: Busting out the Bubba Kush!

Packs a punch!
With a name like Bubba, I was expecting a greasy and sour smelling bit of bud.

The Kush I knew and toked with my ol' hippie dealer Cliff, was very strong in smell. This was as primo as it would get for us back in those days. he would charge a bit extra for that stinky Kush. The strong smell could be overwhelming, to the point where it would give me a headache if I smoked too much of it. It was worth that extra bit of cash and ache sometimes, if for nothing else, a chance of variety. It always came with one hell of a buzz

Cliff claimed the Kush he would get, came canned. It was the guy he sourced from, who had the pain-in-the-ass job of opening up all the cans. It makes me wonder if this was just a "Urban Myth" of some sort. With so many varieties out there, it's more than likely we had some Kush from someone in BC who was really good at growing quality bud.
Look Ma! I made a me a Christmas tree!
Now, there are well over 200 Kush cross-strains and included phenotypes, so which Kush did we smoke? No one can say for sure, Cliff bought and sold what was available to him. If I did try them all, it would take months before I could find the exact one that we used to toke. That said, the closest  I have come to the taste my first Kush experience, is when I recently got a hold of some Authentic Moroccan hash from Cannabisimo.

Bubba kush is a cross of Bubblegum and Kush. I found it to be mild-smelling as per what I usually take in from Kush strains. As I mentioned at the beginning, I was expecting sour and greasy. Very mild taste as well. This bud surprised me all the way through.

Click for close up!
For Mr. Bubba, I managed to squeeze 4 Smite chambers, a bowl each for my bong and pipe, from a 1.3 gram bud. As I busted it up, it had a general, run-of-the-mill "pot-smell". I cannot say from this experience that it is a pungent plant. What may be a factor here is if it was rushed during the drying and curing process. The odor was minimal during my sessions as well. When I took my first two vape sessions with Bubba Kush, I noticed that it is quite sweet and does have notes of Tutti-Frutti bubblegum. Shocking. I was expecting something sour, spicy, pungent, all those scents we expect from Kush.

For what this sample may have lacked in a good and proper stink, it makes it all up with a heavy-hitting buzz. This Indica will not only couchlock you, it will also make your sofa or bed amazingly comfortable. You may not even realize that you have fallen asleep until you wake up with a hunger that would make any grandma happy. While it may not be the Kush I am looking for, toking on this flower was wonderful. It gave me that easy, peaceful feeling that envelopes me all over. Due to its powerful nature, I had to finish this bud review the next day.

My final thoughts on this particular bud:
Due to the curious lack of distinct Kush-like odor, first I was "Hrmm?" But a few moments later I was "Wow!" This potent little bud is very relaxing in effect. I would like to try it again and I certainly recommend that you get some when ever you can.  4.5/5

OrganicBCWeed says this about their Bubba Kush:

"Bubba Kush is an indica strain that has become legendary in North America for it’s sedative-like and tranquilizing effects. When smoked, the flavours are reminiscent of rich mochas and creamy lattes, the taste causes a tingle on your tongue and lips, and you instantly feel high.

A river of relaxation blankets your body and envelopes the soul, eliminating anxieties while evoking a state of subdued elation.

Bubba Kush, when examined, is a stout bud with streaks of deep greens and pale purples."

You can currently buy their product for $160 an oz.